What is the primary purpose of the Sebastian River Improvement District?

The primary purpose of the Sebastian River Improvement District is to provide storm water drainage through a gravity discharge system to the property owners represented within the SRID. Additional responsibilities of the SRID deal with the review of projects which will utilize the SRID drainage system and the maintenance of the surface water system through contractual services.

How do I know if I am located in the SRID or pay assessments to the SRID?

Include within this site is a map of the SRID as well as some general geographic boundaries. Also, if you are paying assessments to the SRID, there will be a line on your tax bill indicating such assessment charge payable through the County Tax Collector’s Office.

The main road running North-South through the SRID (82nd Avenue) need grading. Is the SRID responsible for road grading within the SRID?

No. Primary Roads within the SRID are maintained by Indian River County. Secondary roads in the SRID may be the property of private landowners and/or the County.

Can I use the area on the sides of the SRID Laterals to access my property and can I improve this area to make a driveway to my property?

The SRID owns the property on both sides of the lateral generally 50 feet from the center of the lateral on some laterals and upward of 250 feet in other areas. This area is for the primary use of SRID to maintain the system. However, SRID permits access to adjacent landowner’s property in accordance with the terms, conditions and restrictions in the Resolution dated March 3, 2004 and recorded in Book 1715, Page 887, public records of Indian River County. No improvements other than those authorized by the SRID can occur on the SRID rights of way and no improved roadway, i.e. driveway will be permitted on SRID right of way.  The rights of the SRID will remain paramount at all times.

I am concerned about matters behind my home. Can I install a fence across the SRID right of way which is behind my home?

The SRID appreciates the concerns of landowners for their property. The SRID must maintain access on their rights of ways, but in certain situations may allow operable gates in as determined by the SRID. Note-any gate or fence on the SRID rights of way will be required to go through the SRID permit process. Non-permitted gates-fences will be removed at owners expense.

I recently purchased property whereby the previous owner planted plants and trees on the property very close to the SRID lateral. Can these plants remain?

If the planting is within the SRID rights of way, and if the planting obstruct the SRID from the conduct of their primary business of stormwater management and associated maintenance, the plants and trees will be removed from SRID property. Property owners will be given adequate time to relocate the planting—and if the SRID can continue to conduct their business in a safe and effective manner, there may be the potential for some allowances on a case by case basis as determined by the SRID and the best interest of the SRID.

I want to drain some water off my property into the SRID ditch behind my house. Can I place a culvert into the SRID system?

Perhaps-only after a review and the landowner submits an application to the SRID for such a drainage connection.

I live in a sub-division in the SRID. The ponds in that sub-division are full of weeds and algae. Does the SRID maintain these ponds in my sub-division?

No. The responsibility of maintenance of water bodies within sub-division usually lies with the Homeowners Association or the developer until such time as it may be turned over to the Homeowners Association. Please check your homeowner association documents for details.