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The Sebastian River Improvement District has a governing board known as the Board of Supervisors (the “Board”). The Board is comprised of three individuals elected for staggered terms of three years, by District Landowners at each annual meeting. Each landowner is entitled to one vote in person or by proxy for every acre of land owned within the jurisdictional boundaries of the District.

The everyday management and business activities of the District and the directives of the Board are carried out by the Administrator. The Administrator reports directly to the Board. The District Board/Administrator also appoint the District Engineer; Legal Counsel and Accountant. On an everyday business level, the District Administer performs all financial management and fiscally related activities.

Operations and Maintenance Program Areas

All maintenance work performed within the SRID is done through contractual services, as the SRID employs no operations or maintenance personnel. The administration role within the SRID is performed by a management service provider. The internal maintenance programs of the SRID are structured around the following program areas;

Water Control Structure and Maintenance
Berm Restoration
Lateral and sub-lateral Maintenance
Canal/Levee Right of Way Maintenance
Vegetation Management